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Aptoide is an open source approach to repositories in Android. With Aptoide you can create your own repositories of applications, and use the client to download, remove and update them, from your's or others repositories.

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Stay Connected

On this TRAC - - you can get all the source code of the project (distributed under GNU GPL V2 license), see changes made on new releases, and report bugs in a ticket approach.

If you can't find your problem already reported by other users in the Ticket Tree, open a new ticket report as the information in it might be helpful to other users.

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How to contribute ?

Aptoide is open source and open to contributions. If you want to contribute, download Aptoide source and write your contribution that might be a correction or a new feature. After testing it, mail aptoide (at) with the patch and a brief description of the contribution.


Do you want to collaborate in Aptoide Translation ? Send us a email to aptoide [AT] with the language that you want to translate. You should be fluent in english (base language). Join our translator team!


Get the source code

Aptoide is released under GNU GPL V2 license. This way, you can get all the source code from our SVN repository and make any changes you want, providing original credit is maintained.

To get all the source code, you must have some SVN program on your computer. Then, you can check out the source code by (in linux):

svn co<versions do fetch> <destination folder>

You can also get the unstable, bleeding edge version of the code, from the unstable folder. This code is a daily snapshot For that, check out as:

svn co <destination folder>

Server side code can be fetch from:

svn co <destination folder>


Aptoide client

Aptoide 5 (due to October 2013):

  • Remove and Reload "All Stores"
  • Deprecate Ed. Choice layout (?)
  • New Interface

Aptoide 4.2 (due to September 2013):

  • Custom categories
  • Editors' Choice categories
  • Menu settings
  • Fragments
  • Open search (show history and/or suggestions while searching)
  • Trusted apps priority on search
  • On long waiting responses: show information to users, present the time remaining / status bar
  • Import/export list of stores
  • Install Permissions
  • My apps (cloud, paid, wishlist)
  • Turn off Updates notification / Update automatically ? (#12)
  • Hide "Failed to load" message
  • Dynamic extras.xml (don't load everything in one time, but use webservices to retrieve the descrition in ApkInfo?)
  • Load info.xml with the specif language if different than english (#17)
  • Browse in Aptoide (Info.xml) should take in consideration device properties (filters)
  • Bug corrections

Aptoide 4.1 (launched):

  • Extra files (obb)
  • Forgot password
  • Trusted Apps priority in search (info.xml)
  • Acra - crash report server
  • Custom stores
  • Skins
  • Geo Editors Choice (country filtering)
  • Consistent style (Holoeverywhere)
  • Categories in menus should be translated

Aptoide 4.0 (Launched):

  • New parsing of XML (load in memory, better logic, UI and parsing in parallel)
  • Store centric interface (to be confirmed)
  • Check updates automatically
  • Settings: Remove APKs with more than 30 days

Check roadmap of OlderVersions.

Info.XML specification


  • MD5 hash and version code IS included in info.xml
  • A new file (extra.xml) IS available with the description and snapthost of the application. The goal in having it in a different file is scalability and turning description loading optional in the client side

Branding and Image

The use of Aptoide brand and logo is encouraged.

See bellow the guidelines for the use of the Aptoide logo and branding:

  • Aptoide is a trademark of Aptoide, lda. It may be mentioned but not should be used in the name of other products (e.g. "Aptoide XPTO")

Aptoide User Guide

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