Using repositories in Android

to create your own App Store

Welcome to the Aptoide developer's page

Aptoide is an open source approach to repositories in Android. With Aptoide you can create your own repositories of applications, and use the client to download, remove and update them, from yours or others repositories.

For more information, please go to ​http://en.aptoide.com.

Stay Connected

Here you can download the source code of the project (distributed under GNU GPL V3 license), keep track of changes made on new releases, and report issues. If you can't find your problem already reported by other users, open a new issue report as the information in it might be helpful to others.

How to contribute?

Aptoide is open source and open to contributions. If you want to contribute, clone the Aptoide git repo and add your contribution. Make a pull-request and it will be reviewed. If accepted, it will be merged into the code and credits will be given to you.

Get the source code

To get the source code, you must have git on your computer. Then you can clone the source code by:

git clone https://github.com/Aptoide/aptoide-client-v8.git


Do you want to help translating Aptoide into your language? Register at the Translators Page and start doing it! We have gifts 'n goodies for the best ones!